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Stryker's real name is Steve Sanderson, like you, Stryker got into the Iraqi dinar speculation years ago because someone told him that the currency of Iraq was going to revalue any day, and his friend also said that Stryker better get in right then. Well after a year of listening to the same old self proclaimed gurus calling the revaluation, over and over, week after week, month after month, with the same BS that it will revalue on Friday and we all will be cashing in on Monday morning, he had enough

In August of 2011 when the 2008 economic meltdown finally took its toll on Stryker's custom car business, he closed his shops and started doing his own research full time. Before that, he was already doing article breakdowns and sharing them with a small group of friends that then quickly grew into a much larger following. March 2012, Stryker decided to start his own “under the radar think tank” where he could do his own research dedicated to the real facts when it came to this speculation. He asked about fifty of his closest friends to be a part of this one of a kind think tank so he would have logical people to help him see if he was on the right track with his detailed research and article break downs.

It wasn't hard to tell that this site called a think tank was off the radar when it came to dinar sites just because the website domain it self was just one of Stryker's old car conversion web domains called From this site, Stryker shared with the dinar community his findings and it didn't take long for his following to grow. Was it the real facts that brought people together or the fact that people like Stryker and others just got tired of the every day BS, which ever it was, the site grew but it was getting to the point that Stryker needed to find a job that actually had a paycheck involved and not just popularity. 

After about a year, Stryker's good friend Dan Huse (SWFloridaGuy) found out that Stryker
was about to accept a job that he really didn't want but Stryker's savings was running very low. Dan knew that the job Stryker was about to accept would be such that he wouldn't be able to help the dinar community out any longer, so Dan decided to help him launch a site that could make some money in the hopes of keeping Stryker involved and so Stryker Blog was launched January of 2013.

Stryker is the only full time Iraqi dinar researcher and analyst that provides only real facts, streams a LIVE dinar related webcast daily, comments daily on related topics and writes well thought out Blogs, all dedicated to his Premium Members.

Stryker Blog

Welcome to the home of Stryker's "Think Tank" of the Iraqi Dinar. This is where Stryker offers you his renowned Iraqi Article "Break-Downs", Announcements, press
Inspector General Quarterly Reports to U.S. Congress and any and all supporting documents that enable our forum members to better understand where and when the Value of the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) WILL INCREASE ONCE AGAIN.

Since 2003 the dinar has increased in value several times, the last time was January 17,
2012 according to the Inspector General Report to U.S. Congress; October 31, 2012 That is when the IQD “revalued at a TOKEN amount of 4 dinars in January 2012”. In this report you will see that the dinar was stable, even in the local market.  

BUT the word token itself means that there is more value to come. 
For more information on this please see the Inspector General Quarterly Reports to U.S. Congress
, page 79, or visit
the report in the "General Information" section in  our 

It is our intent here at Stryker Blog to research real facts from whatever sources are available to use in hopes of better understanding where Iraq is in the process of the possible revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. We use the Iraq media and any other informative communications like; Arabic TV, Radio, news sites, U.N. Announcements, as well as Iraqi Government official websites. Stryker communicates all this information and research to all the Premium Members with the help of the forum newshounds through his daily Radio and WebTV Shows, along with his written research Blogs.  

We offer this to you as a premium access member for only $10.00 per month, so all of our members stay up-to-date on any and all news that may and will affect the ongoing changes of both Iraq and the Iraq Dinar. SEE below for more information on Premium Membership.  
Stryker has a personal friend who helps translate some of these written documents, including what is on the Arabic side of the CBI website. Our translator is keeping a close watch on Arabic Satellite TV every day, and brings to Stryker things which help him to help you!

Thank you for your interest in Stryker Blog and make sure you check out all of the Forum Categories to help you better understand the world of the dinar speculation. Regardless if you are conducting your own investigation, just needing to stay informed or if you wish to participate in the discussions, this is the place to be for the real facts with zero hype.

Stryker welcomes you and please let him or The Stryker Force Team know if we can assist
you with anything.

hanks again,
Stryker and The Stryker Forec Team


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                    Most Commonly Ask Questions

Most commonly ask questions to Stryker are: 

Will the Iraqi dinar ever revalue or will the dinar exchange rate change enough to make a major difference?

Has the Central Bank of Iraqi printed the lower denominations yet?

We have the best Iraqi dinar news site, and you'll find the answers to these questions and others inside our forum!


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