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                 WHAT'S GOING ON TODAY 8/20/2014 IN IRAQ
                            IRAQI NEWS TODAY
                    Haider al-Abadi - Good for Iraq or Just Another Maliki?


                                              IRAQI NEWS TODAY with STRYKER

                                     Stryker's Special Guest Today is Greg McCoach


Greg is a Mining Speculator and a Dinar Investor




               Here is an interview with Greg from 2/14/2014 Video

Stryker's Break Down Today 5/2/2014 - LINK    
Stryker's latest BLOG                                                                                                       
                  Professional Team Member Chase Carlton post 12/09/2013: Link  
                        Restoring the prestige of the Iraq Dinar: Prestige

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       It is just a matter of time when the Central Bank of Iraq announces currency                               reform, take a look at all the articles on deleting the zeros.



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       Najafi response to al-Maliki: the use of money without approving the budget is embezzlement and disrupt Parliament military coup 

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 Welcome to the home of Stryker's "Think Tank" of the Iraqi Dinar. This is where Stryker  offers you his renowned Iraqi Article "Break-Downs", Announcements, press releases,  Inspector General Quarterly Reports to U.S. Congress and any and all supporting documents  that enable our forum members to better understand where and when the Value of the Iraqi  Dinar  (IQD) WILL INCREASE ONCE AGAIN.

Since 2003 the dinar has increased in value several times, the last time was January 17, 2012  and according to the Inspector General Report to U.S. Congress; October 31, 2013, when the  IQD “revalued at a TOKEN amount of 4 dinars in January 2012”; because the dinar was stable,  even in the local  market, according to this report. 

 SEE The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction ? Quarterly Report 
to the  U.S.  Congress, page 78, in the "Stryker Uncensored" section in  the Forum.  It  is our intent here at  Stryker-Blog to take what is available to  use through the Iraq media and any other informative  communications like;  Arabic TV, Radio,  news sites, U.N. Announcements, as well as Iraqi  Government official  websites. 

 We offer this to you, so all of our members stay up-to-date on any and all news that may
and  will affect the ongoing changes of both Iraq and the Iraq Dinar.
 Stryker has a personal friend who helps translate any of these written documents, including
 what is on the Arabic side of the CBI website. Our translator is keeping a close watch on
 Arabic Satellite TV every day, and brings to Stryker things which help him to help you!

 Thank you for your interest in Stryker Blog and make sure you check out all of the categories
  to better help you understand the world of the dinar 
investment, regardless if you are
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                                    Most Commonly Ask Questions

 Most commonly ask questions to Stryker are: Will the Iraqi dinar ever revalue or will the dinar exchange  rate change enough to make a major difference?

 Has the Central Bank of Iraqi printed the lower denominations yet?

 We have the best Iraqi dinar news site, and you'll find the answers to these questions and others inside  our forum!

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